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      Really enjoyed these slides but I personally think that comparing editors like VIm and IDEs is a fool’s errand. They’re different tools optimized for different use cases, purposes and preferences.

      I’ve used and loved neovim with deoplete and the appropriate language server for doing Python development, using rope for refactoring and the like, but you just can’t compare any of that to Pycharm’s refactoring, code coverage and profiling capabilities, but I wouldn’t do that anyway because it’s pointless.

      Totally on board with Neovim’s architecture - separating back and front ends and connecting them with a super light weight 0mq is sheer brilliance and creates an almost mind blowingly flexible platform.

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        Good point. And I think it was addressed in the slides - the one about how IDEs target mainstream and NeoVim targets the “niche”.

        The IDE / text editor dichotomy is well known and true. But it depends on the context. If one only works with Python and has huge projects such that refactoring is a problem - then IDE is probably a killer feature to have.

        In other cases you might be writing simple scripts and, like happened to me once, have to translate a script from MatLab to both R and Python. In this case - vim is your friend. With (neo)vim - you can have all 3 files open at the same time, and have running REPLs below each of them. Just go through all of the scripts line by line, execute compare and adjust all 3 in parallel. I don’t think any IDE can match that.

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      I really liked this. Particularly the points about maintenance being just as important as building something new. It’s nice to see their philosophy articulated and how the Neovim team has put it in action. I loved the call out about fixing an issue being a O(1) cost while they impact is O(N*M) over all the users it reaches.

      Very much looking forward to seeing their roadmap realized.

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      Excellent slides on why Neovim is the future! The way they innovate and reinvent Vim is amazing!

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        There is also a VIDEO of the talk.

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          Ah, yes, thanks. I was about to ask for it, since the slides are sometimes a bit incomprehensible without the talk.