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This is a clone of Emacs’ org-move for Neovim 0.5, which was recently released.

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    The 0.5 release is massive – tree-sitter, LSP client and first-class Lua support all in one release. The whole ecosystem around neovim is vibrating and new plugins pop up left and right, Neorg being one of them. It looks as though the decision to support Lua turns out to be the right call after all.

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      Interesting! I have written a parser for a subset of Org syntax, and I agree with the statement that Org syntax is complicated. As one example, let’s look at ways to make task lists. First, a headline can be marked as TODO. But plain lists can’t. Plain lists can be checkboxes, but headlines can’t.

      These two concepts are very similar, but are separate. They don’t work well together.

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        I haven’t tried this myself yet (plan to later when I get a chance) but I’m tentatively excited. I quite like the idea of org-mode, but I’m a (neo)vim user myself and I haven’t been able to get into any of the emacs projects that seek to provide vim-style keybindings like Spacemacs.

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          I’m using a mixture of vimwiki and taskwiki (task warrior integrated to vimwiki) at the moment but I’ve always stared enviously at the green grass of orgmode. This looks very interesting

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            I think that this particular project is not aiming to be org-mode compatible, this other one is.

            I’m also looking at org-mode from the vimwiki/markdown trenches, but not in a hurry… Still, it’s really nice to see Neovim’s bet on Lua pay off.

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            How to remove Pattern not found?

            You can set set shortmess+=c in your vimrc.

            That did not fix the underlying issue, and cuz it’s in the readme, it must still be an issue.

            Wouldn’t it be great if these things suggested any autocomplete being available instead of locking into certain implementations?

            As a long-time Vim and Neovim user, I’m worried we’ll end up in a situation where the “ide-y” stuff is unmaintainable for most people, and for the others you must be overtly vigilant about plugin compatibilities and maybe like disabling nvim-compe somehow for all but Neorg.

            Hope I’m proven wrong.