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    I flagged this as off-topic as there is nothing technical about the hack included here, it’s simply gossip. It happens to be entertaining because it’s a website devoted to something most peopel consider immoral.

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      I’d like to hear more about the technical details, I have heard that it could possibly be an inside job with the behaviour of the hacker and the CEO.

      However, it is a major breach - possibly worth talking about.

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        No worries. So I know for the future, what should an article like this be tagged as?

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          I have no idea, I’m not a moderator of lobste.rs' at all so I cannot speak for them but I do not belive this post should be on lobste.rs at all.

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            Good to know. I’ll refrain from posting this kind of stuff in the future. I just thought that since it was a hack (and hacks relate to security), it’d be relevant. Especially if details about the hack come about later. But no worries, I’ll just stick to more technical things going forward.

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            Dare I say ‘culture’?

            I suppose something about the ethics of hacking people you don’t like could be relevant, though this article doesn’t really touch on that.

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          This is one of those Hitler vs Stalin deals. Everybody is a bad actor; everybody deserves to lose.

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            I really wish we had the full dumps from both the Friend Finder and OPM hacks. It’d be very interesting to correlate the data between Ashley Madison, Friend Finder, and OPM. Clearance-holding cheating spouses with kinky fetishes and STDs = no no.

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              Not true actually. I have a multitude of friends with SCI who are into kink, etc. It’s generally not considered a big deal. Drug and alchohol issues are considered much worse by DISA.

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                Would you say the same thing if this was a hack of various people’s gmail accounts? This is private data that happens to be owned by a service many people disagree with existing at all. I don’t think we should even joke about going through it just to play judge.

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                This definitely puts the CEO (of Avid Life Media) in a compromising position….