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      Oh wow, a UNIX for PC compatibles that I actually hadn’t heard off. I’m amazed at how long it was supported:

      The last version was “System V/386 Release 3.2 Version 4.1.1”, released in July 1998. Official support ended on July 23, 2006, five years after Sun withdrew the product from sale.

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      Why does it say copyright of Microsoft 1988 in the video, we’re they connected?

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        My guess is that they have licensed some of the x86 code from Microsoft’s Xenix.

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      A bit more interesting than Interactive UNIX is its precedessor PC/IX, from the same company, which ran on 8088 systems with no MMU. It competed with Venix/86 and the unmapped 8086 version of Xenix. They were specifically advertised as compatible with off-the-shelf IBM PC XTs and IBM even sold it as an option.

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        Amazing! Since it was quite available for PCs, I wonder why UNIX never really caught on until essentially the late nineties when Linux arrived.

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          Cost. The licenses were (relatively) expensive.

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          MS made sure that every new PC came with DOS so almost nobody would even realize they could use anything else.

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            IIRC initially, there were other DOSes around like IBM PC-DOS. And people also figured out how to install Windows, so I guess that might not be sufficient explanation.