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    First of all, congratulations on the success! I’ve downloaded the game and am looking forward to trying it out – I’ve never played Othello before, but it seems quite fun.

    I’m working on a mobile game myself, so it’s always interesting to hear about how others are going about it. From a technical standpoint, the game you’ve made sounds quite impressive. Building your own Othello AI (in three languages, no less), maintaining that Apple design feeling, and getting it running across Apple platforms. Not an easy feat!

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      Way back in 2007/8 I wrote a small Mac/iOS framework for implementing board & card games, largely because I was excited by Core Animation and the potential of touchscreen games. It worked well, and I implemented basic versions of Checkers, Klondike solitaire, and a few others, each in under 200LOC. Never did release any games, though, but I did open-source the framework. (Now I can’t remember where I put it. Bitbucket? It was called GeekGameBoard.)

      Othello is actually reinvention of an English game from the 1880s, Reversi, with a few very minor rule changes. I had heard that the similarity was a coincidence, but the Wikipedia article says that Othello’s creator originally called it an improved Reversi and only later claimed to have invented it independently.

      (Update: I found a fork of my framework on GitHub. No idea if it still works on current OS’s, but there’s no intrinsic reason it shouldn’t.)