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    Why do companies keep selling these horrible “smart” TVs? No one I know, from practical luddites to the tech-savvy, actually cares if their TV is “smart”. They all just use some vastly superior media device (Apple TV, game console, chromecast, etc.) to stream media anyway.

    Modern LCD TVs take longer to boot than old CRT displays took to warm up. What the fuck? It’s a bloody screen; there’s no reason it shouldn’t turn on and start showing content fast enough to be imperceptible.

    You can’t even get a “dumb” TV if you want it. All the televisions in-store come with this “smart” shit out of the box. No one makes just a plain old screen.

    Here’s a rule of thumb for TV makers; if it runs Linux, you fucked up. The absolute limit for TV complexity should be a simple RTOS.

    This would also have the nice side effect of solving the embarrassing “security” breaches these televisions are becoming known for.

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      Retailers with limited shelf space care about feature checkboxes, and I suspect many of the TV buyers do too. There’s possibly a financial incentive from Netflix or other paid streaming services to bundle their software too, which is important given the shrinking margin on TV sets.

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        it’s a shame we can’t take them home and flash on a basic firmware that removes all smart features and turns it into a dumb screen