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Schedule: https://hope.net/schedule.html

Live Streams:


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    Warning: live streams require flash.

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        A) Using your browser’s devtools, spoof a phone.
        B) ‘view-source’ on those pages, ctrl-f for m3u8_url, and copy the address next to that key. Open VLC, ctrl+n, paste the address you copied.

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          Or, if you have jq, curl, and vlc installed (assumes GNU sed / awk, but shouldn’t matter):


          URL=$(curl -s $STREAM | grep 'window.config' | awk -F '>' '{print $2}' | sed 's|;</script||g' | sed 's|window.config = ||' | jq -r '.event.stream_info.m3u8_url')
          vlc $URL

          Then, use it like hope.sh LIVESTREAM_URL and it’ll default to the first one otherwise.

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            Or youtube-dl if you wish to be very lazy. :)

             vlc $(youtube-dl -g "$url")
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              That works, too!

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                or instead of vlc and it’s many desktop dependencies, try mplayer ;-)

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                  Why yes indeed, I just used VLC because the above examples did. :P

                  Though personally, I use mpv (for no reason other than somebody else was using it).

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                    Ah didn’t mplayer had a fork!

                    (Tried to install it under OpenBSD but it was about to bring samba as a dependency!)