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    A few decades (?) ago, Microsoft went “all in” on security in Windows.

    Something tells me that going all in on “privacy” will be a stronger play.

    It reminds me a little bit of when car companies fought tooth and nail against regulations requiring cars to have basic safety features like seat belts. Nowadays auto companies compete on safetey.

    Hopefully, software companies will compete on “privacy”.

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      I appreciate the effort Apple is putting into privacy matters. The design of Secure Enclave (on compatible devices) impresses me. But I am upset that Apple seems so keen on imprisoning people in their ecosystem.

      If you’ve ever used iWork, you know what I’m talking about—you can’t quickly save (⌘S) any document in an open format. You have to export it. If you’ve ever wanted to manage the multimedia content of an Android phone, you know what I’m talking about.