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      I just love it when OpenBSD has a new release. The artwork, the music, even if I don’t use it it just seems like a cool software project from my outsider point of view.

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      Nice, super easy/quick upgrade from 6.8 using sysupgrade.

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        Upgraded my server too. This time there sure wasn’t any manual work.

        After sysupgrade, there was nothing to sysmerge, so I just pkg_add -u’d and rebooted again.

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          While talking about pkg_add -u, it received a major boost in performance!

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      OpenBSD release announcements just fill me up with joy!

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      Awesome! updating later tonight.

      The music is very zen :D it resembles using OpenBSD as a server, no worries, no problems, just flow.

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      Both powerpc64 (for Talos II workstations) and the M1 platform have support in this release. Feels like the future!

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      Yay, upgrade time! It seems iked is getting more love, and seems some people are actually using it for real!

      I still don’t understand the point of the new dhcpv4 client.