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Some of you have read the Typesetting Markdown blog series (https://dave.autonoma.ca/blog/). The plan was to finish the last two parts with Annotated Text (basically markup for Markdown) and Figure Drawing (MetaPost); however, people have asked for a post on Markdown to EPUB and others have asked for descriptions of high-quality PDF themes using ConTeXt.

Within the realm of Markdown, digital documentation, typesetting with ConTeXt, R, externalized interpolated strings, and bash scripting, what would interest you for the next post in the series?

(Please flip through the blog series to see the subject matter and topics already broached.)

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    I’m eagerly looking forward to the Figure Drawing section and echo the request for more info on themes/theming for PDFs. Rendering to HTML?

    The series has been wonderfully thorough! Thank you for all your experience and time that has clearly gone into it.