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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Work, schoolwork, rinse and repeat :/ I need a vacation and it won’t get here soon enough!

    Setup a Gitea instance over the weekend and starting to migrate all my code and other important stuff so it lives somewhere besides my MacBook. Great piece of software, really enjoying it so far.

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      I started setting up my new server (what a mess) and mostly finished a smaller side project over the weekend so that I can use my week for paid work. Nothing too exciting but I do have to pay the bills, don’t I?

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        • Working on second draft of my book on coreutils text processing tools
        • Read an advanced copy of a book last week, have to compile and send the typos to the author
        • Planning to read The Wizard’s Butler by Nathan Lowell
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          idk, what should I be doing? :)

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            • Throw away, give away and sell various items that are just hanging about in the basement.
            • Spend time with family.
            • Practicing to become stronger and eventually advance from 4k to 3k on KGS, playing the game of Go.
            • Add a simple debug feature to my little home made editor named o so that it is possible to step through Assembly programs and watch the registers change.
            • Create a library for Android for communicating to a server written in Go. There are too many options here, but I’m considering either going for a Java library and use MessagePack, or generate Kotlin code from an OpenAPI/Swagger spec file.
            • Play some piano in the C minor scale.
            • Do some hangups and take a short hike in the woods.
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              Hey, while you’re hanging out in C minor, here’s a nice very approachable piece: https://imslp.org/wiki/Allegretto_in_C_minor%2C_D.915_(Schubert%2C_Franz)

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                Thanks! I’ll try it out.

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              Outside of work, attempting to get https://deklara.dev a bit more production ready. Before a baby arrives at the end of the year and steals all of my free time.

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                Evaluating Timescale and Druid to replace our current time-series datastore (OpenTSDB). The goal is to settle on a decision by the end of this week. I’ll probably be experimenting/playing around with Druid quite a bit since I’m not all too familiar with it.

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                  School: (currently procrastinating) writing an essay for my “Reality TV and Post Factual Media” course, logic quiz tomorrow morning, algorithms lab Wednesday, algorithms homework for Friday and a multivariable calculus quiz Friday too. Besides the essay (big projects + adhd + quickly shortening deadlines + anxiety = icky), I feel like this week is going pretty great.

                  Personal: Still working on my lisp interpreter, and it’s pretty neat to see it go. Implementing map (and others like reduce) in my own language and seeing it actually work gives me a sense of awe that reminds me why I enjoy programming. I’m still stumped by how I’m going to implement closures and garbage collection properly. I’m trying to go as far as I can just by myself, no internet! This week I’m going to try to relax as much as possible. I’ve practically fully moved into my partner’s apartment at this point, which is a lot more fun than sleeping alone in a dorm :)

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                    Oh, that makes me even more glad I managed to avoid all humanities subjects like those in the uni program I’m about to start. As for getting your essay done, perhaps ask your partner, or one of your friends, “I’ll send you my essay in 2 days (or whatever), could you proof-read it”? Artificially move the deadline earlier, if you will.

                    I was going to say something about a particular strategy for implementing lambdas that I’m fond of, but since you want to figure things out yourself, I’ll save that for a blog post sometime in the future.

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                    • look into CGO and assessing how feasible is to use a vendor provided DLL


                    • continue working on a config management product
                    • mow the lawn
                    • read about customer acquisition
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                      ooo tell me more about this config management? everything open source is becoming increasingly hostile and mgmt seems to not be progressing much and never seems to have made it to the “usable in production” stage.

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                        well, it’s really scratching my own itch but this is the gist of it… At work we have software deployed at multiple sites. The configs for these sites are different but also some config values (something like industrial equipment calibrations stuff) changes periodically.

                        I want to (1) not have to be editing text files all the time to update those values. It frightens me to type a wrong value so I’d have have a dropdown of possible valid values instead of editing a text. And (2) I want to allow the “experts” (read, scientists, non-engineers) to edit those values themselves because they know their stuff better and I don’t want to do it ;)

                        So I’m making a little UI that I can throw a JSON at it and it creates an UI to edit those values. I can also “decorate” the config to limit the possible values for a certain field.

                        The config can be read with a plain HTTP GET and a token and when the config is edited it can send a HTTP POST notifying that the config had been updated.

                        So, that’s kind of like what I’m aiming for :)

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                      Experimenting with Monte Carlo tree search for an AI for a game with simultaneous moves. I feel stumped because it involves prisoner’s dilemma, but all the research papers I find suggest it’s better just not to deal with it?

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                        Finished working on an OSS reimplementation of cel7. Time to write documentation, uhg (and possibly work on a toy Orca-inspired esoteric language for a cool demo).

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                          working on a phoenix liveview but for haskell. it seems like a great fit and hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have a simple weather-display working

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                            In general, I’m:

                            • Continuing to read my copy of David Wong’s new book Real World Cryptography which arrived a few days ago!
                            • Figuring out if I want to go back to get an advanced degree in cryptography since I’ve been enjoy learning it on my own
                            • Deciding if I want to plan a trip to Tokyo and Osaka sometime next year

                            For work, I’m:

                            • Figuring out what our on-boarding email drip process looks like for new users + coming up with the email & video content
                            • Helping write a paper on how we detect retractions and editorial notices in scientific papers for scite, since we have our own little system internally
                            • …and some other usual eng work on data pipelines I’ve built :)
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                              Starting to work on Sasquach again after a bit of a break. I’m trying to figure out how to resolve cross file dependencies. I’m using Java’s fork join tasks to both parallelize the process, as well as simplify building the graph and waiting for resolution of other modules to complete. I need to ensure that there aren’t deadlocks due to cyclic dependencies.

                              I’m also set to move into my new apartment this weekend and I’m gonna help my new roommate pack up on Thursday.

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                                Implementing Pollard’s methods for integer factorization: trivial, gcd-less and monter carlo.

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                                  Fixing bugs resulting from incomplete data at work, building an admin UI for creating issues of my newsletter using Clojure for fun/education.

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                                    Taking my son to fencing class today.

                                    For work, will do onboarding 1 to 1 meeting at least an hour every day; just like the last few weeks. I quite enjoy it—on the one hand I like helping people, and in the other it gives me an opportunity to calibrate my understanding of our systems: if I can’t explain it, I probably don’t understand it.

                                    Also spending some time co-writing a blog post for the company blog, with a colleague I look up to and take a lot of inspiration from.

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                                      Reconfiguring my work laptop after a mistake made zfs lose the crypto keys

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                                        Ouch! I hope you had good backups?

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                                          Let’s say I did

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                                            Like they say, people can be divided into two groups:

                                            1. Those who do backups,
                                            2. Those who will do backups ;)
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                                        This last weekend I bought a new portable HF radio rig (a Xiegu G90, Bieoenno Power 12V/6Ah batter, and a Super Antenna), so I have some tasks related to that. I’m looking for a convenient way to transport everything on my bike and while hiking. And then a friend of mine lives ~150 miles away, over the continental divide, and I want to coordinate with him and try making a contact. I also may try a “Summit on the Air” contact from one of the peaks nearby.

                                        And I bought a new-to-me mountain bike from a friend over the weekend, so I’m going to get out and ride that.

                                        As far as software dev goes, I want to learn more about OpenGL tesselation shaders, so I’m reading up on them a bit, looking at example code, and thinking up a mini-project to use them on.

                                        I’m also starting to passively look for jobs. I’m thoroughly enjoying my sabatical, but since I do have to go back to work eventually I might as well keep an eye out in case something great comes along.

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                                          Trying to make a game in Julia. I already do some high performance GPU modelling with the language, so I figured that making a basic engine would be simple, but I’ve actually run into a lot of issues. Maybe I’ll have enough to say about it at next year’s Julia Con

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                                            For the first time in well, well over two years, I’m taking a vacation. My mom and stepdad, who live in Colorado, came to visit my wife and me in Maryland. They fly out on Wednesday.

                                            I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy little vacations. We were able to do a three-hour tour of Washington, DC, last night. It was awesome!

                                            After they leave, I’ll get back to working and hacking on HardenedBSD.

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                                              Second week at work, getting my feet under the table tech-wise, starting to pick off slightly larger tasks and think about where we want to get to with infra/developer experience/tooling, before working how how we get there. Also learning more about our domain, as it’s not an industry I’ve worked in before.

                                              At home, recovering from an active weekend, adjusting to having a puppy in the house and remembering what constant attention young(ish) creatures require. Also hacking on the RPi in the Z4. Started developing it in the open at https://github.com/caius/z4pi

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                                                I’m going to Prague to participate in ECSC - a somewhat weird CTF.

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                                                  Just become a member of xHain hackerspace in Berlin and I’ll be giving a workshop there on Friday on building an AI-powered meme search engine.

                                                  Think I’ve finally cracked the right text encoder for best efficiency/results now. Damn, SpaCy is fast!