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Related github issue: https://github.com/Homebrew/brew/issues/142

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    They are very transparent about what they do in this document, which is good, however silently enabling this (even with opt-out) is a very poor move that’s going to annoy a lot of users. They should at least have prompted the user on installation, if only to notify them that this feature is now enabled.

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      Yeah, I agree. If the question was posed to me during first interactive usage after an upgrade, I honestly would have probably said no, but I would have at least considered it and followed any links and read the reasoning behind it. I certainly wouldn’t have been upset or anything, and would have appreciated the openness of information in that document. Probably even ending up more positive/confident about homebrew in general.

      As it stands now, I apparently have been sending google data completely unbeknownst to me for some period of time. So instead, I am now left with a “wow, not cool!” kind of reactionary feeling. Some amount of trust has indeed been lost – next time I hear about a new package manager for osx (still need to check out Nix) I will think “oh! I should check this out” instead of “meh. homebrew still works fine”.

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        From the article:

        You will be notified the first time you run brew update or install Homebrew.

        Is that not true?

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          I didn’t see the update message, I’m sure it’s there somewhere but I didn’t notice it anyway as a data-point of 1.

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            That notification was added later (approx 10 hours after I posted the thread). Initially this functionality arrived with no notification.

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              Damn git!

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                heh heh. I had actually (briefly) considered linking to the version/sha at the time I posted it, but that seemed excessive. In hindsight…maybe not!

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          The reasons are explained in the link, but if you feel this is completely unacceptable, at the end it describes how to opt-out:


          If after everything you’ve read you still wish to opt-out of Homebrew’s analytics you may set HOMEBREWNOANALYTICS=1 in your environment or run git config –file=“$(brew –repository)/.git/config” –replace-all homebrew.analyticsdisabled true which will prevent analytics from ever being sent when either of them have been set.

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            +1 for prompting me to update brew. (It’s been a while.) Not sure if the messaging I saw (included below) was added in a bid to weather the shitstorm brewing in issue 142, but it seems more than adequate to me:

            08:58:18 ~> brew update
            ==> Homebrew has enabled anonymous aggregate user behaviour analytics
            Read the analytics documentation (and how to opt-out) here:
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              Yeah, that is new. Glad users are being notified now.

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              It says that users will be informed when they brew update, so that doesn’t seem particularly silent to me? I think the title of this post is throwing more fuel on a fire than necessary.