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    This is right on the knife edge between awful and amazing. I suggest using replaceState to avoid making the back button useless. That video progress is actually kinda useful. Edit: ah, considered towards the end, commented too soon.

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      This annihilated my back button but was pretty cool, I’ll be using it.. Thanks for the replaceState tip but is there one for location.hash?

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        Hash should just work.

        History API (pushstate/replaces täte) accept arbitrary same-origin URLs. That includes a new state with URLs like /doesnt-even-exist/Foo.xyz as well as only query or fragment.

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      Just because you can do this, doesn’t meant you should. And in this particular case, no one should do that.

      Actually, why is it even allowed? What went wrong? My head is exploding now…

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        You can use emoji (and other graphical unicode characters) in URLs. And wow is it great. But no one seems to do it. Why?

        Well, frankly, I don’t because I find them disgusting :P I feel like a fool for advocating for the use of Unicode since I’ve learned about it now that I see what it turned into. It went from “An amazing idea for a proper i18n for all languages” to “this joke of a standard that introduces new variants of «front facing baby chicken» every year, which I hope will die like all the other fads but I know that it won’t”.

        Still, as much as I hate the tech itself, the use in URLs shown here is cool and creative, thanks for that :)

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          Repeating my prior thoughts concerning Unicode, this is a symptom of systems that don’t have any good UI facilities besides displaying text, so the character set becomes the UI tool.

          I’d like for the WWW to take Unicode with it when it falls. This is an unmanageable, complicated mess that’s been pushed on everyone.