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I was curious to see what shell programming with DAGs would look like. You can always mkfifo and tee your way to graphdom but I found this quite interesting. I don’t know that it’s practical to use as is - it seems tough to understand and debug these scripts so I think you would want an IDE of sorts to help with that. Nonetheless, the examples are neat and the accompanying graphviz renderings help to understand.

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      dgsh also provides an http server to map requests to commands and files: https://www2.dmst.aueb.gr/dds/sw/dgsh/dgsh-httpval.html

      Specify that a query, such as http://localhost:63001/server-bin/pstatus?id=4892, will run the ps(1) command for the specified process-id.

      dgsh-httpval -b ’server-bin/pstatus?id=%d:ps -p %d’

      Who needs Erlang/OTP when you have an OS to manage your processes? ;)

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      The site’s CSS could use some media queries: https://cloud.mort.coffee/index.php/s/DNLt7PdysZw6Ast/preview

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      Interesting. The syntax is simple enough to be added to other shells.

      I wish all the examples also provided sample outputs of the command being run.

      The “Compression benchmark” example has inputs to cat shown in an arbitrary(?) order which was really confusing for me. The actual order is

      printf file printf wc printf xz->wc printf bzip2->wc printf gzip->wc

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