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I only authored the website (and was not exactly alone either), not Elligator itself.

Elligator 2 is a very neat mapping, but when I implemented it in Monocypher two years ago, I noticed a severe lack of documentation that left quite a few dead bodies. This website is our attempt to remedy the problem and finally provide a usable tutorial for implementers.

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      This is great! My one suggestion would be to host the python reference code on a site where people can read it in their browser, instead of sending a tarball… especially because it’s so short, concise, and pretty.

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        That’s actually a neat suggestion. I’ll see about distributing it online in addition to the tarball. I’ll also need to find a way to remove that pesky licence code from the HTML version… oh, and syntax highlighting…

        Do you know of a command line program that can turn Python code into pretty HTML?

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          vim can export syntax highlighted code to styled HTML, built right in:

          see :h TOhtml or this useful SO post

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          Pygments is the standard solution, I think.