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    I wrote a post recently that kinda picks up where this one leaves off if anyone is interested. Feedback is most welcome.

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      @itamarst the article stops where it was supposed to get interesting. Why is this? Do you use this to guess interest for the topic and decide if you will write the second part? My personal style would be to just write the whole thing in one go as that constitutes a good read, and I’m curious why you do this. Thanks!

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        Yeah, I came here to say this. I was really interested in seeing an example of the proposed solution and then it left off with, “If you want to find out more, subscribe to my newsletter!”

        Blow that.

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          Nope, just ran out of time. As I said, will get to later parts in a few days.

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          Thanks for this article! From it, I learned a bit more about how Docker works, which also explains why it’s been soaking up a lot of disk space for no apparent reason. Does anyone know why it defaults to such an arcane way of working? It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, because at least in most situation you don’t need to rebuild an image all that often; I’d find “squash by default” a much saner default.