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    My hope is that the current console generation converging with PC hardware will mean some form of forwards-compatibility with console games (I’m really missing a good current-gen Borderlands right about now). That might be wishful thinking, though.

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      For me the most exciting thing happening in gaming hardware right now is all open source. I think that the major players with the million-$ budgets are one thing, but its all a bit passe after a while. The really interesting things are happening with things like the Open Pandora (http://openpandora.org/) and Pyra handhelds .. you just have to look at their repo’s (http://repo.openpandora.org/) and see what I mean - its a wild and woolly free-for-all, with plenty of odd cases for the platform, and as it seems to be growing - both as a community/market as well as a real “Platform” - I think this could emerge out of the shadows to take on some seriously interesting new directions.

      What if, the Pyra gets released and the repo continues to expand, and suddenly we have a contender that is seriously offering advantages/features over their mainstream ‘competition’? I doubt anyone is going to be happy about having to ship a compiler onboard and open the platform in order to compete; but if the OpenPandora/Pyra guys (hi ED!) get their way, I’m pretty sure they could become a very potent success.

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        A shame you can’t actually buy an OpenPandora. On eBay they’re going for more than a new PSV.

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          Not true, you can get it here:


          Admittedly, it is quite a cocktail device and only available to those who have been paying attention (I’m one of the original F5'ers, and have two Pandora from the First Batch) but actually the scene itself is so vibrant and alive that those who have them are really doing neat things. Watching the new releases on http://repo.openpandora.org is a daily activity in our household with our two devices .. and we’ve already signed up for the Pyra. There is nothing so joyous as an ultra-comfortable, portable Linux-based open-source gaming/entertainment/hacking device. We won’t give ours up, ever! :)

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            Thought you might like to know that you can pre-order the Pyra now:


            .. the Pandora successor.