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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    White knuckling an interview for an internal full time software development position with a team I’m excited about that’s 100% remote work.

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      I just went through a bunch of interview myself and at the end none of the offers where any more attractive than what I currently have, but I found that not caring is the best strategy (at least for me), i.e. “it’s ok I don’t get this job”, simply because it helped me take the technical interview not as an “interview” but as a problem or puzzle to solve! And I actually had quite some fun working on those puzzles!

      Wish you the best of luck!

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        Thanks very much. I’m less concerned about the technical side and more about the ‘soft’ side which can be super challenging here.

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        White knuckling

        good luck!

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        Feeling very lost lately, that’s what I’m up to :).

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          It’s not a bad place to be. So long as your needs are met, it’s good to unwind your mind a bit. You’ll get focus back eventually. Everyone does. “This too shall pass,” and all that.

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          I’m going through a book titled “Common LISP: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation” by David S. Touretzky.

          For me it’s a beginning of a journey to understand Lisp macros. I’ve heard that macros are a powerful feature of some programming languages and I’d like to understand that feature better. The last chapter of the book is called “Macros and Compilation” and hopefully learning basics of CL is a good start for me :)

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            Depending on how much programming experience you have, I think Peter Norvig’s “Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming,” and Paul Graham’s “On Lisp” are (much) better introductions to CL, and “On Lisp” is free.

            Norvig’s book doesn’t really go out of the way to talk about macros in depth, but they’re used in some interesting ways later in the book to do things like implement Prolog.

            “On Lisp” has several chapters dedicated to macros, and it’s probably the best introductory coverage about the issues that can crop up.

            And if you want to go off the deep end, there’s Let Over Lamda which is more or less dedicated exclusively to macros. The macro coverage is great, but I should warn that the author is almost comically smug:

            Scheme is a wonderful language that, although lacking many features lisp programmers take for granted, still offers a flexible enough core for the professional lisp programmer to extend as necessary.

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              Thanks for your reply!

              Indeed, “Common LISP: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation” is rather easy for me (so far). It’s a beginner-friendly book (while I have been programming for over 10 years); nonetheless it’s a fun read.

              I’ve heard of PoAIP but didn’t know it uses macros in such exciting ways! When it comes to other books, I have them in my backlog and can’t wait to start reading them. I think “On Lisp” will be my next book.

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            I’ve been on a role with blogging lately. I’ve got several posts up and hope to get two more out before the end of the month. The one I want to finish up today is on a hardware upgrade, and tomorrow will be a game review. I hope for September 1st to get up a post about media/news.

            My old OpenBSD 6.3 VM I use for e-mail is starting to show its wear. The certbot is too old and started failing recently. A friend redirected me to dehydrate, a bash script for getting certs via ACME. It worked for dovecot, but my opensmtpd is too old to read the new EC cert format. Opensmtpd is one of the reasons I didn’t keep updating my openbsd VM because 6.4 breaks the entire config file format.

            So this week I’m finally getting around to moving mail off the openbsd server to an Alpine/Docker image, still running opensmtpd, but finally upgrading to the new format. I hope to get that done quickly and decommission my old VMs and save a few $$ a month.

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              You know recent OpenBSD instances make upgrading a breeze…

              Since you are breaking your OpenSMTPD setup anyway.

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              I passed my Ham radio tests on Saturday, and this Wednesday I might participate in my first “net” on the local club’s repeater. I listened in last week, and now that I’m licensed, I can join in, but I may just listen again to get a better feel for how they work.

              I’ve also been looking at the source code for Chirp, an open source program for programming channels on radios. It’s still using Python 2.7, and I’ve run into several issues with it, so I want to see if I can help out portting it to Python 3, and fix some bugs.

              I’m also planning to meet a friend at Turquoise Lake outside of Leadville and camp for about a week, starting on Thursday. I’m bringing a bike, hiking shoes, and my fly rod, so it should be a good time.

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                Congratulations on passing your test, welcome to the hobby!

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                  Thank you!

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                Gonna watch the remains of Hurricane Ida dump rain on us for the next few days, hopefully won’t see any serious flooding here locally, can’t say the same for our neighbors on the gulf coast sadly.

                Work wise still working on a python automation, and getting through the last few weeks of school before a well deserved break. I decided to pursue a Compsci degree and I’m in my mid 40’s, either I’m crazy or insanely determined, probably both! I am halfway there though ;)

                Leisure time this weekend saw me writing some new Ansible playbooks and roles, and re-factoring some of my existing code. Been having all kinds of fun setting up VM’s and LXC containers with it and learning quite a bit along the way.

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                  I try to create a community (via forum) like lobsters, for my fellow countrymen in Indonesia. It’s fun and very challenging at the same time

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                    Vacation! My plan is to do absolutely nothing. However, there are some things that I want to do. Mainly involving hanging out with friends, making some serious progress on unpacking and organizing all the stuff still lying around after my partner moved in, and working on Garnet, my “what if Rust was small?” programming language experiment.

                    …Admittedly, the whole COVID exposure I had last week will probably put a wrinkle on some of those things. Will probably be fine, others exposed at the same time have all tested negative. My own results should come in today or tomorrow.

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                      Just taught my first in-person university class since March 2020. Strangely normal, apart from everyone wearing masks. I even got the projector to work on the first try.

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                        I need to write more gui code with a grid layout visual designer but I don’t know if I’ll actually be productive or not….

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                          Digging into GoLang’s generics proposal some more.

                          Got back into Factorio, and I’ve been optimizing my train networks. I have something like 200 trains and 120 stations so far. And I finally found an easy way to load balance between multiple providers and multiple consumers

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                            Gotta love Factorio! I have a break from school coming up and it’s the first long break I’ll be having since starting the program in 2019. I am taking almost two months off and looking very forward to it. More Factorio time….. the factory must grow!

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                              Enjoy your time off! Honestly Factorio feels more like a job than my actual one at this point! >.<

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                            Today I’ve been hanging out with my son, and practicing guitar. Tomorrow has many, many personal errands.

                            Going back to work on Wednesday, after being on staycation for nearly three weeks. It’ll be interesting—my team should have three new engineers in my time zone, all scheduled to start while I’ve been off.

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                              1. last batch of tests to see if my eyes qualify for LASIK
                              2. Tilt5 Beta kit arrives Tuesday, really excited to play around with the tech behind that.
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                                Waiting for a rain spell to start foraging Chanterelles and Penny Buns for the first time. In the meanwhile, raiding the hazelnuts from the local wood

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                                  • Continue working on GNU coreutils book. Already behind on schedule, but that happens with me for every book.
                                  • Hopefully write a blog post, been a long time.
                                  • Currently reading To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, good so far.
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                                    Today is the first week I’m moving to a 4-day week (hoping to go to a 3-day later, if I can find a good alternate income stream in the JST timezone)

                                    I plan on using the extra day to do what I would only do in evenings before: look through tickets for Jazzband issues, try to write up blog posts… I’ve kind of found myself being a “Python person” and it’s cool to exercise things you’re comfortable in but I want to expand what I can do, if even a little bit

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                                      $work: a mix bag of manual editing on geospatial data to release the next version of the dataset, I am massaging for a few weeks and also testing our custom internal structured matching algorithm for various projects.

                                      $fun: Received my Polyend Tracker and learning to use it also watching a lot of content from the YouTube channel 8-bit Music Theory. I also discovered SuperCollider.

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                                        Ive been writing blog articles and thinking about a new product idea around project management.

                                        Im also working on a module for listifi.app that will allow users to scrape a web page and turn it into a list.

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                                          Hoping to switch my AI-powered meme search engine example to use a better image encoder (like CLIP instead of BiT).

                                          Right now it can find similar memes based on pure image similarity (as long as they’re in the indexed dataset of 1k images). But I want it to find memes based on subject matter similarity (for example if you plug in the doge meme it can also find things like whatever the hell this is).

                                          To be sure I’d have to index a LOT more memes which’ll take a while. Guess I’ll need to break out the ol’ GPU.