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      It picked every round for me…

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      The brackets don’t fill in for me.

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        The idea’s cute, but they didn’t actually do the divisions properly; my bracket ended up in a Duke/Gonzaga final, but the first Final Four game is an East/West matchup, meaning that’s not possible. I can obviously tweak it (if Duke would beat Gonzaga, and Kentucky would beat Oregon, I can opt for a Kentucky/Duke final instead), but it makes me a bit dubious about the rest of the algorithm.

        [Edit: actually, a lot in the bracket’s just flat-out wrong. This isn’t actually usable.]

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          Ugh. Yeah. Sorry about that. I was going off some difficult-to-interpret brackets that came out during the Selection Show. I mean honestly… who shows a bracket with the two regions on the top meet each other in the Final Four rather than the Championship?!?

          I’ve fixed this issue, btw.