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    WOW! I have died and hell has frozen over!

    A developer tool for Linux and it works very well on my OpenSUSE box :)

    Well actually I have always been a Microsoft indifferent and Anti-Apple biased.

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      Same here lol. I want vim keybindings though.

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        Next step will be for Microsoft to actually open source their code and make a Linux version. I would love to see Windows XV being Apache licensed. Hell I might even use it! …I mean Windows XV, not this funny looking code editor.

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        Missing the #software tag - hey @kyle?

        Also, I think this is neither off-topic (it’s a new programming editor) nor spam (it’s an annoucement, if you don’t like that, hide #software). Bad flags, folks. Heck, MS porting to OS X/Linux seems like a big change to me, and the editor doesn’t look half-bad.

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          I added the software tag and removed the dotnet tag — I couldn’t see anywhere that it was any more related to dotnet than JavaScript, and rather than give it five tags, I dropped one.

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            On bad flags – I admit that I have a greater tendency to upvote if I thought it was incorrectly flagged. Not a great reason to upvote, but at least I offset one more idiot in the world.

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            Why the Mac and Windows tags and no Linux tag?

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              There is … it is over on the right as it didn’t wrap down to the second line like the other tags.

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                Ah I see now, excuse my blindness :P

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              This is pretty exciting. I’ve been playing with Typescript for a while and it feels like this editor is more or less identically aimed at it while my emacs setup was slow and clunky. I’ll miss vim keybindings, but I will also definitely survive.

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                Note: Not an IDE. Not equivalent to Visual Studio for other platforms. Future releases may fix this, adding compilation too, until then it can only replace NotePad++/TextMate and similar (Well, assuming you aren’t compiling in those either).

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                  This is very, very cool. Can’t wait to see where it ends up.

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                    I’m kind of disappointed that it’s not a native application. Being based on chromium I probably can’t open source files longer than a thousand lines with it.

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                      People are reporting that this opens large files fine and highlights them in the background. I just opened a C file that I had sitting here that is 2.5M and about 60k LOC (generated code) and it opened immediately without any pause.

                      The issues with Atom aren’t due to Chromium.

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                        Atom is working on these issues via a redesign in a separate repo.

                        It is good to see confirmation that Chromium is not the issue.

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                      Can we let HN handle tech crunch product launches?

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                        This seems no more a product launch announcement than the following stories that were not flagged:

                        Based on previous voting, the community has overwhelmingly decided that these types of stories belong (I didn’t see anyone flag the Debian Jessie announcement as spam). Furthermore, it seems to be another data point in the current course-change Microsoft appears to be effecting, which seems to be of interest to many here.

                        If it’s a story that you are not interested in, I’d suggest looking at filtering the windows tag (assuming it’s the Microsoft angle you’re not interested in) or clicking the hide button.

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                          At least this has something to do with tech. I’d rather let HN have all the human interest stories that are so popular these days.

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                            As technologists, we are the ones who went into everybody else’s jobs and lives and made them grudgingly adapt to a changing world. If we then try to say that the effects this has had are not something we care to hear about…? What does that make us?

                            Also, of course, HN is the most vicious possible place for those stories. Nobody who found a not-directly-technical story interesting in anything other than a “laugh at the people who aren’t like us” way would post anything there. Or, at least, not twice.

                            Not looking to get into a discussion, although I suppose I have some sort of obligation to reply. I really just want to state this for the record.

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                              I actually agree to a certain extent…

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                            Even if we ignore product launches, I think MS releasing cross-platform end user software that runs on Linux is a pretty unusual thing, and worthy of being posted here. Even more so since it’s a code editor, a tool many people here are likely to use and might want to try. If Sublime Text, Emacs, and Vim news is fair game, why not Visual Studio Code news, too?

                            I’m actually surprised to see the -1 off-topic and -2 spam flags used here. I guess I’ve underestimated some people’s dislike of MS.

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                              I think this is extremely pertinent, especially with ASP.NET becoming cross-platform. If it were just a random product launch that didn’t apply to tech I would agree with you.