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    This article makes me feel really old. Ubuntu didn’t exist when I first got into *nix. I also cannot comprehend a universe in which I would feel confident in applying for a dev job with very minimal self taught dev work under my belt. There was some major culture shock for me there.

    Still I really enjoyed the author’s frank look at themselves and how they came to appreciate the benefits of open source.

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      I thought the same and looked it up. “about 13 years ago” Wow!

      Ubuntu according to Wikipedia was first released in 20 October 2004. Just to be clear. I know he wrote about! Not criticizing here, just adding a bit to nostalgia.

      I know Ubuntu really quickly gained traction, but I still would think the author probably misses the right year by two or three.

      Also, really? People used a 56k modem 13 years ago? I think I started having cable in 1999 (I am sure that’s the year, because our household got connected on my birthday) and I am living in a small European country. It was fast, compared to others, but I by far wasn’t the first customer and other people also had something that at least was better than 64k.

      2004 is five years later. It would have at least quadrupled in speed. Now, I know in rural regions you are not so lucky, but didn’t they have at least ISDN when they had internet? If we add two or three more years, not right at the Ubuntu release then we speak about a time when YouTube appeared (in 2006) and the whole Web 2.0 hype started. Going with a 56k modem at that time must be really horrible.

      Memories combined with time guesses are hard, and I more than once was off by a couple of years thinking back.

      Anyway, even with that I feel old, maybe even older (YouTube existed already!).

      Really nice article! Hope that post didn’t sound like criticism. I just had to look it up, because I feel so old. ;)

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        I used 64kb GPRS modem from 2004 to 2007, until the cheap 200kb wifi provider was available. It was highly dependent on where you lived. For example my friend lived in the village ~2km away and he got 8Mb ADSL. Then we moved to house in another village and got unlimited 32Mb VDSL at same price as the 200kb wifi with 3GB/month FUP year before.

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          People used a 56k modem 13 years ago?

          I can’t remember when I got ADSL but it was probably 2003/2004'ish (before that it just wasn’t available in South Africa - everyone used dial-up). ISDN was never big there - it was available, but due to price never gained any inroads with home users.

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        I use macOS and I needed a ID3 tag editor. After a couple of Google searches, I found kid3 and installed using Homebrew. However, brew version was bit older than the version available on the official site. Sent a PR to fix the brew recipe and I can now install the newer version.