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    I revamped my website to better highlight my side projects and wanted to share it with you all. Hopefully you will find something interesting or inspirational! Let me know what you think.

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      Lots of great stuff, thanks for sharing! Would love to hear some of the stories or deeper tech details behind projects like Star Rocket and Graph Layout.

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        Glad you mentioned that. The lack of deeper content is one thing that bothers me about this, but it’s hard for me to know what people are interested in reading about.

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          I hear this a lot - I would say go deep! You will consistently be surprised at how much people revel in the nitty gritty technical details.

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            i’m always interested in reading about graph layout!

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              It might be nice to have someone interview you so you don’t have to think about what content to write up. I’ve tweeted to one possible venue to that effect: https://twitter.com/briankung/status/869923696458256384

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            Well done, looks really nice. Better yet, it’s inspirational and makes me want to pick up some forgotten side projects again.

            (Not to mention, either update my own site or just scrap it.)

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            Great projects, really inspiring.

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              For the iMeme project I see it has a Windows version and a Mac version but when I checked GitHub I only saw the objective C code. Did you use objective C (and maybe Cocotron?) for the Windows version or some form of compiled Python with wxWidgets.

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                Yeah, sorry, that’s confusing. Totally separate codebase: https://github.com/fogleman/pyMeme