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I like the new comment highlighting, but it should stick around for longer. If I refresh the page, it’s gone. Even worse, if I click on Replies, then comments are not highlighted anymore once I click on the whole thread.


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    It’s not really a “new” as it is “unread” marker. It assumes you’ve seen it when you load it.

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      Wouldn’t it be better if we changed it?

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        What would be the criteria for it to transition from “read” to “unread/new?”

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          The system should highlight comments that are newer than last-visited-time, but last-visited-time should only increment in 20-30 minute intervals. This is what reddit does, and it seems to work well. Actually reddit also provides a dropdown menu where you can chose which of these recorded last-visited-times to use, in case you don’t want to use the latest one, for example if you clicked in a thread by mistake while at work but still want to see newer comments than when you last read it in the morning.

          Reddit example: https://i.imgur.com/ICsQL7o.png