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I will be working on pagination tonight at 7 PM US/Central, when this post is about 9 hours old. I’ll stream for 2 to 2.5 hours depending where I find a natural stopping point.

I’ve streamed myself coding on Lobsters the last four Monday evenings. Typically I check on open PRs and issues to nudge them forward and then spend the rest of the time on some bug or feature. About half the time I wrestle with some random infrastructure issue and every time I tell old dev war stories. Twitch has the last couple videos if you’re curious to see what that looks like; the only thing that’ll be different this week will be the addition of on-screen chat. I won’t get any funnier or better-organized.

I wasn’t sure it’d become a habit, but it’s been stable and productive, so I figure it’s worth one post. There’s no hugely important stuff happening on the stream, I’d make an announce post for that, this is a slice-of-life of Lobsters maintenance. (Previously I worked on the Lobsters codebase at a weekly code and coffee meetup, but that was disrupted by world events. Again, my apologies go to every contributor whose work has gotten less attention than it deserved.)


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    Your time zone link shows me 2 PM US/Central. I think the link should be 7 PM US/Central. (That’s also the time of this comment.)

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      …yup, I generated UTC on accident instead. Thanks for the correction, and for your comments in the chat.

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      What’s that monospace font you’re using? I’m on the lookout for good large x-height coding fonts.

      (edit) I found Everson Mono, and it looks really close to what’s on your screen. Is it that?

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        Inconsolata with Operator Sans for the italics.

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        Just curious what WM are you using I’m guessing i3

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          Cool! It’s always interesting to see how other people work. I clicked through and immediately noticed the unusual fonts for quoted strings :) I’ve never seen that before but it’s an interesting alternative to syntax highlighting.