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    For those who are running 12.1, the EOL is 12.2-RELEASE + 3 months, which translates to mid-January 2021. Hopefully the transition to 12.2 is smooth as usual.

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      After freebsd-update(8) to 12.2-BETA1 I could not start X11 because it was yelling about missing /dev/dri/card0 device …

      The solution was to remove DRM kernel packages:

      # pkg delete drm-*

      … and build them again from up-to-date /usr/ports tree against 12.2-BETA1 /usr/src sources.

      Now 12.2-BETA1 system without any other changes booted with X11 fine.

      … but I am keeping the 12.1-RELEASE ZFS Boot Environment just in case :)