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    This is amazingly pretty. Some further reading tells me that the author also co-created Cinder, which I didn’t even know existed, but now has sparked my curiosity about making art-through-code. Does anyone have further reading on creating… gesticulates wildly at article this?

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      Possibly not quite what you’re looking for? But I’ve been enjoying Robin Sloan’s development diary for a game called “Perils of the Overworld”:


      It’s a bit wider ranging, covering things from map generation (which is why I thought of it here) to story, mechanics and storefront considerations. But, particularly as a fan of his writing, I’ve found the discussion of the process to be very interesting.

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        Not quite what I was looking for, but an excellent read where I sort of read the entire thing the first go anyways. Thanks for the new reading material!

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      Nice project!

      Reminds me of this amazing piece of civil engineering: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_River_Control_Structure. As noted in John McPhee’s The Control of Nature, this is the Army Corps of Engineer’s war against geography, and is probably doomed to fail.

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        The McPhee book is excellent, strong recommend for anyone interesting in engineering vs. nature alongside Seeing Like A State.

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          McPhee’s article on the structure is available online: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1987/02/23/atchafalaya

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        Very beautiful project. Will the code be shared?

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          Beautiful! One of the Robert’s previous works, Planetary, was donated to the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum and recently updated to compile on modern iOS hardware.

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            The “Creation of Oxbow Lakes” is mesmerizing

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              I love this thing so much.