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    Official support for more platforms (OSs, architectures) would be amazing. I think that this could be one of WASMs core use cases.

    Their landing page states “Run it on any OS or embed it into other languages.”, so the list of OSs in their install.sh looks really slim.

    Also I think they previously had a list of supported OSs outside of the installer. I can’t seem to find it somehow.

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      That’s really just their easy installer script though, and they have all the major bases covered (though it looks like Windows is commented out?). In theory it should work on anything LLVM supports as a target OS, as it’s written in mostly Rust.

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        Sure, however knowing that they run builds and tests on more then four or five platforms would give the “any OS” claim more credibility.

        I remember even Parrot, the old “failed” back than Perl 6 (and others) VM which I’d consider a tiny project in comparison had a functionally to automatically upload the results of tests, so you even had very obscure systems like Open sad on HPPA64 working. Yet I don’t think they ever made a claim as bold as “any OS”.

        I’m not saying that they should do the same thing, but more that claims, especially when very bold should be backed by hard facts.

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        WebAssembly’s core use case is sandboxing. If what you want is OS portability or architecture portability, JVM is better.