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      The choice of name is hilarious.

      1. 30

        I particularly like that it is a implemented in Racket….

        I’m sure he can create some extensions like a Madoff package manager and a Ponzi operator and….

        1. 4

          Yes, this is golden: “Pyramid Scheme is implemented using the appropriately-named Racket.”

      2. 15

        Not to mention the book title: “Destabilizing Nation-states with Math: An Ethereum Hacker’s Handbook”. So good.

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        Totally brilliant. Combined with Racket, the name might be unbeatable.

    2. 5

      One concern I have is that alternate contract SDK implementations have been easier to exploit, so I’d at least keep that in mind when trying this out.

      For anything sincerely important I’d stick to the stock Javascript based thingie, no matter how you feel about the language, or invest in a thorough security audit of pyramid’s implementation.