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    inoremap jk <esc>

    inoremap kj <esc>

    home row escape key that is faster than jj (which i used for a long time) as you can just mash both keys at the same time and it will get you out of insert mode. Has the benefit of being a nop in normal mode too.

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      I like that - use both and mash away!

      Now what do you map fd/df to?

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        well fd and df are both default commands(find the letter d and delete find next character in normal mode) so I don’t have them bound to anything other than the normal find and delete in normal and in insert mode they are just insert f and d separately.

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      I was hoping for touch bar compatibility with Vim…

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        You could have an Escape button, a little mode indicator, buttons to switch between buffers, a slider to scrub back and forth through undo history…

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        I get a cert error.

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          Try without HTTPS, I’m not sure what’s up with the certificate on that site