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    I’d like to see some non-trivial examples in the tutorials section. What about nested modules at the very least?

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      It seems to me that complex application and 1kb are two oppposed goals. It’s the web, not a C64 demo competition. Also, I’m really over the performance/compacity claims of most new JS/npm libraries: “mine is faster, mine is smaller”. It is lacking in actual innovation, where that kind of optimization is quite irrelevant (what’s 1kb vs 10kb nowadays, in practice?).

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        1KB is still huge

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          Huge is a relative term; for instance, your comment is rendered with a sizeable chunk of non-content markup which is duplicated for each comment. A thousand characters is not enough to write much of a program unless you’re using a golf language.

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          How about unit-testing? I didn’t see anything obvious in the docs. It’d also be great if the question “why yet another front-end JavaScript framework” were answered in the GitHub repo (or docs). I found a partial answer here: https://www.sitepoint.com/hyperapp-1-kb-javascript-library/.

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            “HyperApp is 1 KB. This means it is faster to transfer over the network and faster to parse than anyone else.”

            If your web app’s target markup includes dial-up or ADSL, then this is a major selling point for improving customer satisfaction. Until we can convince the webshit movement that graceful degradation or progressive enhancement are worth extra time. ;)