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    I would love to get a DevTerm, but I can hardly justify another SBC-like device around the house.

    Kudos for their dedication though, and the news of a full-blown Linux RISC-V computer is awesome.

    I wonder who’s the CPU maker.

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      I wonder who’s the CPU maker.

      CPU is XuanTie C906. SoC is Allwinner D1.

      Other boards using this D1 include the Lichee RV and the Nezha.

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      I don’t understand the ergonomics of this shape of thing. It doesn’t look comfortable to use hunched over it on a table or your knees, and it looks too bulky to hold like an iPad for a long session.

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        It looks cool, but it seems more like a movie prop than something you would actually want to hunch over and use.

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          Yeah, make it look more like the Atari Portfolio and I’m in! As the leader of the human resistance once said, they’d make “Easy money.”

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          All “cyberdecks” are modelled after the TRS-80 Model 100/Alphasmart Dana. Looks cool, will ruin your neck.

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            yeah if the keyboard+display were hinged then I might consider buying it but even as a toy it seems uncomfortable to use.

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            oh my gods, it’s adorable and I want one.

            But there’s no way in the world my hands will fit on that keyboard.

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              A thing that keeps me from being interested is that Every Single Review I have ever read has cited very poor build quality and a nearly unusable keyboard.

              Love the idea, but the implementation needs work.

              I have a serious soft spot for the Clockwork Pi folks, I just gave away my Clockwork Pi that I built from the kit and there’s a LOT of truly superlative engineering in there, but I just feel like there are other device makers that are doing better, faster, and in lots of cases cheaper :(

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                Can you provide an example of a better/faster/possibly cheaper device? It seems like you already have some ideas in mind about at least subjectively better devices.

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                  I had a Clockwork Pi and it was very nice for playing emulated games on, but yes, the case and especially the buttons were a little chintzy and low quality. It was in a laptop bag that got stolen however, and I eventually replaced it with an Anbernic RG 351 which is rock solid and absolutely delightful, as semi-indie-supported hardware goes.

                  There is a delightful community at https://www.rghandhelds.com/ with lots and lots of info about and support for weird little gaming devices you’ve never heard of.

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                    To be clear gaming handhelds are a bit far afield from the DevTerm, but I also really like Retro Game Corps.

                    My favorite ‘value’ handheld is the Anbernic line. I have the RG351M and while not perfect it’s a delightful little device, with controls orders of magnitude more usable than the Clockwork Pi IMO, better resolution, and a more vibrant community with several purpose fit Linux distros like 351elec and others. For a $200 device, the variety and compatibility of emulations is just stunning.

                    Plus - my guilty pleasure, it runs both PICO-8 and TIC-80 beautifully which is what I end up playing a LOT :)

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                      Whoops, I thought /u/penguincoder was asking about a better device than the Clockwork Pi, not than the DevTerm. Mea culpa.

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                        I like to hear about both! I have a big interest in the portable emulators and also in little terminal slabs! Thanks for the suggestions

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                          Out of curiosity, what is your favorite little terminal slab? I’ve considered building my own a time or two but never gotten around to it.

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                            The Nokia N900. I had one in the US for several years despite only having 2G speeds when everyone else had 3G. I have been looking for a replacement ever since…

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                    I’d been thinking, just as ONE example, of the GPD line of ‘mini laptops’. They are, as it turns out, a little more money.

                    I was posting based on my impression and what I saiid shouldn’t be taken as anything like advice, but I’ve read a number of reviews, all of them sadly negative :(

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                  I would be wary of ordering this if you plan on playing with it within the next few months. I mentioned under their ad on Twitter that I’ve been waiting for quite a while for my order to even ship, and several other people chimed in with similar experiences, with one person saying he’s been waiting since December.

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                    December is not long to wait for low volume devices in the current environment.

                    People who ordered an EOMA68 have been waiting since August 2016 – 5 1/2 years and counting.


                    The project owner abuses me every time I point this out somewhere, claiming that there is a good reason for every single delay. Summon: lkcl !!!