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    Those cursive letters are awful on the eyes.

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      I was going to comment that the font was the actual mistake lol

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        I’m happy for CSS variables as it makes this easy to “fix” and I can get the default I set in my user agent

        @-moz-document domain("jakelazaroff.com") {
        	:root { --font-code: monospace !important; }
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          What does that link in response to this article mean for you?

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            My own interpretation is that React needs to change the Current Right Way of doing things all the time so that the community is always playing catch-up instead of spending that energy on evaluating and switching frameworks with shiny features.

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              That and the internal inconsistencies of the model.

              UIs Are Not Pure Functions of the Model - React.js and Cocoa Side by Side

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            Depends on how unfamiliar you are with the idea of “shifting complexity”.