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    For me, this was the most interesting part of the article:

    The installation process is very fast in both cases, it took around 29 seconds for the Core and around 76 for the Full one.

    While there are major differences, that’s a very far cry from Windows.

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      Don’t know about the article yet, but I’ve just noticed on the linked GitHub repo this oddity: they provide instructions for building on a Ubuntu 18.04, but you need to include rpm. What gives? Onwards into the article I guess!

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        It looks like Anaconda, so I’m assuming it’s something RH shaped. But then building on Ubuntu would be odd.

        (I’m assuming the fast install time is the fact there’s probably not much in it.)

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          WSL runs Ubuntu by default, that’s my best guess. But Fedora / RHEL has more security features, that’s probably why they use it for the produced server image.

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            Yes, the article mentioned they based the initial project on Fedora spec files, so that’s where they started I guess.

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        When the enemy finally defeats you and you end up being pals! I have predicted this would eventually happen and can see Microsoft making this a more formal release in the future is the strategy I see unfolding with this.