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    I desperately want someone to make a font from his handwriting. It’s gorgeous.

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      It really is! One post you might enjoy is Josh Davis’s attempt at acquiring Edsger Dijkstra’s handwriting. If you’re unfamiliar with Dijkstra’s handwriting it’s well worth checking out—a nice little homage to one of the greats in both CS and penmanship.

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        There are a number of sites and softwares for doing this, sounds like a fun Saturday afternoon project. Let us know how it goes. :)

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          I’m sure some handwriting nerd will be able to trace it to a specific public school in the UK.

          Possibly Sherborne.

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            Oh wow, is this actually a phenomenon? If so, that’s pretty incredible! I know my grandfather (born 1917) had penmanship classes growing up in Canada before coming to the United States.