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    This is probably just a case of me indulging my inner curmudgeon (maybe I had a bad day and didn’t notice), but I find “I am going to try xyz OS” posts exceptionally boring (I say this even as a FreeBSD user). My summary of this post: “I use Linux. I am going to try FreeBSD. Here are some system specs”. Seems more appropriate to a mailing list.

    People are certainly free to blog/tweet/post about whatever they want. I am perhaps just less interested in reading that type of thing here.

    I would much rather read about the results of said experiment – even early results. Tell me a story, show me something, teach me something, enlighten me. In contrast, I find “I am going to do this thing” far less interesting, especially on a subject as dry as trying out an OS.

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      I think this was posted because of who Leo Laporte is: founder of twit.tv and presenter of the screensavers back in the day.