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    Bring in OpenBSD’s tetris(6).

    Very good choice!

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      Damnit, thats a rabbit hole I shouldnt of dove into.

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      Congrats! Is anybody using DragonFly on production? Why do you choose it over FreeBSD or OpenBSD?

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        Because HAMMER. OpenBSD doesn’t have an equivalent filesystem option. FreeBSD has ZFS, which is very nice, but it’s also huge. HAMMER by comparison is a simple implementation of a “modern” (snapshoting, checksuming, deduping) filesystem.

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          I have never used HAMMER. Apart from having a simpler implementation (that is really nice and difficult to do), is there any big advange of using HAMMER over ZFS? Apart from HAMMER there is any other feature that you recommend us checking out?

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        Looks like a nice release. Congrats (and thanks) to the DragonFlyBSD devs!

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          Congratulations! Glad to see BSD going strong.