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    A friend of mine also did it himself, using SQLite, which I found interesting journey into the strengths and weaknesses of SQLite.

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      My favourite piece from the article:

      There are patterns in C to write object-oriented code but we chose C++.

      There are patterns in C++ for managing object lifecycles but we chose the JVM.

      There are patterns in Java for managing concurrency but we chose persistent data structures

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        a detailed discussion and an example of bi-temporal business conditions can also be found at [1]

        [1] https://www.marklogic.com/blog/bitemporal/

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          Disk is still limited and expensive…!

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            This is a really under appreciated and underemphasized problem aspect in our time. For example, folks doing specialized work on mainframes have to worry about system resources from zero, while cloud storage is cheap until it’s not.

            Even in the world of “big data” it is still a strategy which takes time and effort to implement. Surely space, as well.