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    Three decades back me goes “woo!” but me a quarter of a decade back is saying “and why not QuickBasic?”

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      Yay! Now I need to find the Chain Reaction game that I wasted many hours on as a child…

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        Were you thinking of this one?

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          That’s the one! As I recall, it shipped with GW BASIC on DOS 4.x (about the only good thing about DOS 4).

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        I know this is only for historical reference, but I really like when developers are able to recognize themselves as humans, I like how this line has some humor on it:

        1983 was also the year AT&T released UNIX System V R1, and BSD 4.2 was released, introducing the pseudoterminal for the first time (the progenitor to Windows’ ConPTY we introduced to Windows in 2018 😁).

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          I know it’s not the Altair 8K BASIC, but it is nice to see MSFT finally come around, Nearly 50 years after paper tape gate