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      I like how BCHS keeps evolving.

      Am I correct that there is no concept of templates at this point?

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        Most of my own usage is in exporting JSON, then doing page manipulation in the browser. But since this is all in C, you should just be able to link to any templating engine library. (As noted below, kcgi does have a simple khttp_template(3), but it’s just token-pasting and nothing more sophisticated.)

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        From the khttp_template(3) man page (part of kcgi):

             The khttp_template, khttp_templatex, khttp_template_buf,
             khttp_templatex_buf, khttp_template_fd, and khttp_templatex_fd functions
             comprise a template system for a kcgi(3) context allocated with
             khttp_parse(3).  They may only be called after khttp_body(3), else
             behaviour is undefined
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      I like the concept of BCHS. I plan to do a “LCHS” (you could spell it “lachs” like salmon in german) web service.

      Could any of you give examples of BCHS or “LCHS” (Linux C HTTP-server SQLite) sites?