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    Tag suggestion: plan9 meta


Stories that could benefit from this tag: https://lobste.rs/s/cm4pk3/whither_plan_9_history_motivation https://lobste.rs/s/wwp1ps/glendix_bringing_beauty_plan_9_linux https://lobste.rs/s/wfbanz/x11fs_procfs_style_filesystem_for


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    I would suggest going more general–we don’t have a tag for “operating systems”, which could cover both the small number of articles on Plan 9 and future submissions about other research or niche projects, like TempleOS.

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      I found quite a few articles on Plan 9, doing a search. They are not all recent, but it appears to be a persistent topic of discussion over time. Furthermore, the search was pretty noisy, suggesting to me that the tag would be very useful for finding this stuff in future. :)

      I wouldn’t mind having a general tag in addition, but not instead.

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        That’s reasonable too!

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        I propose a systems tag then - for not just other operating systems, but for kernels and systems design in general, as these topics are usually intertwined on Lobsters.

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          systems seems a little broad to me–kernels/operating systems are most used interchangeably, whereas “systems design” could cover things like Bittorrent or Ethereum or something.

          operating systems is a pretty clearly defined area of research and development.

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            True enough. I remember a discussion here that of “what is systems programming”… I felt like a relatively clear answer emerged, but it was not at all the answer that would make “systems” the right tag here. :)

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          that makes sense, like we did with the vcs tag.

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          Maybe just use unix? Also maybe merging the 3 BSD tags into one bsd tag would be a good idea?

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            • Plan 9 is not UNIX.
            • OpenBSD, NetBSD, and FreeBSD are very different operating systems.
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              +1 to both of these. I’d post about Nix (the Plan9 deriv) and Osprey under a plan9 tag, as well as Inferno, but under Unix I could see those as being off-topic. Also, the BSDs are different (we probably shouldn’t post about pledge in a FreeBSD room just yet…)

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                The OS “Nix”, not to be confused with NixOS. Great. :)

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                  I’ve used NixOS, but I’ve never heard of “the OS ‘Nix’”. Can you share a link to the latter?

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                    I had not heard of it either. A google search for “nix plan 9” turned up http://lsub.org/ls/nix.html.

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                      That’s exactly correct. Nix & Osprey are both Plan9 derivatives. LSub has worked on PlanB before this, which was similarly really cool.

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                Maybe just distributed then? Perhaps c as well.

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                  this right here. this would render these tags useless as filters.

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                    We use the C tag for C++, so the unix tag for plan9 makes sense, no? :)

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                      I’d argue plan9 is way less similar to unix than C++ is to C. But I think you were joking anyway. :)

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                        Depends. plan9 is more UNIX than UNIX, but c++ is rarely described as more c than c. That said, and jokes aside, as a categorical interest, plan9 is a good fit for UNIX. (At least imo). I’m curious who would filter one of (plan9, UNIX) but not both. However I’ve also argued that tags are good for searching and categorization, so I’m not actually objecting to a plan9 tag.