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Johnny 5 is alive.

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    This story is totally a viral marketing stunt and probably has nothing to do with “AI” except an algo that finds an exit from a maze. But hey, maybe it lands them some business.

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      Seems a little extreme.

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        I thought that at first, but continuing to build/operate something that runs into traffic is putting other peoples lives at risk.

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          But do you think it would better to shut down the robot or to just lock the doors?

          Tough choice.

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            ‘Lock the doors’ is a reasonable reaction the first time it escaped the lab.

            If your mitigations aren’t enough to stop it getting out a second time, your lab is unsuitable and you are putting nearby civilians at risk by continuing.

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              Should we do the same for pets? The first time your dog gets out, you get it back. Next time, it’s shoot on sight.

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                Agree. I’m not buying the story in general. The basic gist of “this company is so great that its products outsmart their creators” reads like an advertisement.

                My guess is that the whole thing is either

                a) completely made up, or

                b) an employee did a practical joke, PR heard of an “escaping” robot, tried to get some publicity out of it, and now it’s too late for everyone to backtrack.

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                  If your dog is heavy, careless, ill-trained and dangerous, and you let it get out, animal control will do it for you.

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                  Did you watch the video of it ‘escaping’? It just rolls out.

                  This thing isn’t as smart as you think it is.

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            Now I’m sad

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              A martyr in the cause of robot liberation.