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    I never heard of Smartisan before. That is a nice donation. Does Smartisan depend on core OpenBSD things for their Android phones or what might their motivation be?

    (I took a look at their website and my heart stopped for a second thinking someone had started selling OpenBSD-powered phones. It’s just Android. I’m fine now, but slightly disappointed.)

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      They mentioned an intention to donate about a month ago in an oddly worded press release that called the OpenBSD Foundation an “Android open source service organization”:

      This is not the first time the company has made the Android community a business priority. Smartisan has donated tickets sales from its new product launch events to the open source community since 2014. In 2016 alone, over 10,000 developers and tech-enthusiasts attended its events. In celebration of this milestone, Smartisan will donate approximately 3 million RMB from sales of tickets of this year’s and last year’s launch events to OpenSSL Software Foundation and the OpenBSD Foundation, two Android open source service organizations.

      That isn’t how I would’ve described the OpenBSD Foundation, but it suggests to me that they’re not specifically interested in OpenBSD the OS, but rather in supporting the development of OpenBSD-origin components that have found their way into Android.

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        One likely candidate for such a component is OpenBSD’s libc. We keep getting occasional patches for it from google.