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    It’s great to see OSM has come so far. I used to dismiss it out of hand in favor of Google Maps, but nowadays that’s a big mistake.

    I didn’t know Mapbox was OSM, but it makes sense. I’ve only used it a little bit, but damn Mapbox made everything so easy. With it I visualized thousands of routes all over the globe in just a couple of hours coding / debugging. It’s absolutely my first choice for anything map-related I need to do in the future.

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      And contributing to OSM is extremely easy too.

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      When I moved to Malmö three years ago, I relieved heavily on mapping to get around and find things. I only used OSM, and my wife used Google Maps. Google Maps took us to the wrong place three times in the first two months. OSM was wrong once in the same time period.

      I fixed the error in OSM right away, and it’s no longer wrong. Google Maps was still wrong last time I looked a couple years ago.

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        I always opted for Google Maps for quick and easy maps for web. And I still thought they were way easier to setup than OSM could ever be (the javascript API is absolutely straightforward).

        I doubted myself and checked what’s available for OSM on their website and man, I’m glad I did that!

        Their js maps library just looks like GMap one but it’s not Google stuff: sweet! Definitely gonna switch to OSM for simple weekend projects as well!

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          This might help: https://switch2osm.org/

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          OSM has much micro-level information (buildings, points of interest) than Google Maps, so it’s great for visiting a new city and finding nooks and crannies. Go look up your own town in OSM to find things you didn’t know about.

          I really wish OSM had blessed/official mobile apps. It would be easy to tell non-techies to download a particular blessed app, versus sifting through the landscape of third-party apps of varying quality. On iOS, maps.me is great as a travel companion - offline maps, very detailed.

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            I especially prefer OSM for pedestrian route-finding. I use it on Android via Maps.me, but there are various other apps too. Google Maps seems much more oriented towards road maps and often pedestrian-only paths will be missing, at least in the UK.

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              What I haven’t found is a decent app for replacing the functionality of my old Garmin: showing maps and doing logging to a GPX file at the same time. Maps.me can show a track of recent movements but can’t save it.

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                https://osmand.net/ might be something for you.

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                  As an update to this, it turns our that in fdroid, there is a fork of Maps.me called just Maps that adds just this functionality. The problem with osmand is the limited downloads.