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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Hopefully nothing really work related. I’m going hiking this week starting tomorrow.

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      I’ve been learning to fish, so I’m learning how to use the various types of lures now.

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        Fun! Fly fishing or spin/bait fishing?

        I haven’t been in years, mostly because I refuse to fish if I’m not going to eat what I catch and I don’t know how to clean them :)

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          Just spin/bait fishing in the pond in my backyard, doing catch/release. I caught two fish about 12-14” long with bait the last few times I tried, so I’m trying out some lures to see if I can catch anything different.

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      More job applications and interviews.

      It has surprised me that (comparatively) small but desirable companies have been much faster to respond than the megacorps with their armies of HR. This is despite the fact that I meet or exceed every qualification listed in the jobs I’ve applied for.

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        What sort of roles are you interviewing for? Best of luck!

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          Senior positions in front end web development. I can also do backend, but I’ve got pretty deep expertise in UI specifically.

          You can see my resume at https://joshuaclanton.dev

          And thanks!

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            Just a heads up - day mode on your website is unreadable in Firefox. Good luck with the job hunt!

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              Thanks! I’ll take a look.

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      • When I browse people’s personal websites, after reading a few articles I often check out other miscellaneous pages about their hobbies (these pages are usually very cool) and I realised that my website is quite sparse in this manner. So I’m going to write some other pages and give my website a more personal touch

      • Writing up an issue on the Lobsters GitHub about the accessibility of one of the link menus (and maybe raising a PR if a change is warranted!)

      • Managing the heat wave in London with just a small USB fan for “air con”!

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        Managing the heat wave in London with just a small USB fan for “air con”!

        I got myself a big box fan, turned it on and blew papers and dust all over my room…

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      Finally, very close to finish updating my Ruby Regexp book (will publish tomorrow or by Wednesday for sure). This will complete my marathon changes to all my books since the start of April. When I started, I generously gave myself 1 to 1.5 months to complete the updates. But to be fair to myself, I hadn’t expected that an email from one of the readers will result in a major shift in formatting, topics covered, number of exercises, etc. Will likely keep a relaxed schedule for rest of the week after publishing the changes.

      Reading wise, I’m about halfway into The Wounded Kingdom trilogy, good enough that I’ll likely complete the series, but am not liking it as much as I felt at the start of the first book.

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      Playing the new 5.3 patch for FFXIV all week long!

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        FFXIV is a very underrated game with lots of friendly people online, and was a blast to play.

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          Agreed. I wouldn’t have broken out of comfort zone of only playing DPS if it wasn’t for the pleasantness of the community.

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      I have a vintage vinyl player that I’ve been repairing. It’s just not as cool without auto return.

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      I have a week off before starting a new job, which I am very excited about. So, hopefully some hiking, learning ukulele, some sketching—possibly a blog post. And, of course, house work that has been neglected…

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      A big late to the post here, but I’ll be finishing up the art challenge today (with one last blog post). Unfortunately, my wife had to drop out due to neuropathy pain. Other than that, some medical procedures, and this weekend I plan on participating in the Miziziziz game jam. The gist of it is that he’s going to specify a given art kit, and you have to use that to create your game. It’s an interesting idea.

      Also, the art challenge has had me trying to find other daily routines to help take it’s place when this is all said and done. I’ve added a few, which has been a nice outcome of it all.

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      Working on rewriting rsfetch (an information displaying utility – think neofetch, but in Rust) from scratch. The previous codebase just wasn’t fun to work with anymore, and there was a lot of stuff that I wanted to do, but couldn’t, because of how confusing the code was. Everything was implemented in a way which made it quite difficult to expand upon without spending hours figuring out what is safe to add in or move around.

      I’m almost 100 commits in now, I’ve been on a roll lately. I don’t really have much left to do with it, besides exapanding on the current features and testing in different enviornments. I wish I could figure out how async worked though, I could not implement that properly for the life of me. And the way I had it implemented previously was really only doing more harm than good.

      Besides that, I’ve been gaming a bit more. Lots of Diablo III, DBZ Budokai 3, Oblivion, and Skyrim. I haven’t been able to play my Xbox 360 in a long time due to lack of an HDMI display. Imagine how much of an idiot I felt, when I’ve found that I had an HDMI->VGA cable sitting next to me this whole time on my desk.

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      I wanna finish the little webassembly demo I did over the weekend and blog about it (lib support to recompile my little desktop tetris game to the browser), and have lots of bugs to fix on the day job work including some Windows gui things… that actually might be blog worthy too some day.

      And I have a bunch of bike riding to catch up on since I missed yesterday! The good news is my other project of last month, repainting my house, is almost done so I won’t have to be out there doing that :)

      edit: whelp i put real work off and blogged monday morning instead hope my boss isn’t reading this lol http://dpldocs.info/this-week-in-d/Blog.Posted_2020_08_10.html

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      • Desperately hoping to receive an acceptance letter from $NEW_JOB…otherwise I’ll be back to the drawing board finding and applying for something new.
      • Doing a big refactor of the accounting code at $OLD_JOB, which is a major pain in the neck, but it’s good to leave behind one last positive change (I already put in my notice)
      • Recording on my pochette for a samples library
      • Preparing for my wedding next month!
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      Integrate GitHub sponsor data with my subscription based app.

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      My wife is heading back to work after her vacation, so I’m back to the salt mine as well. I have two essays/videos on my plate for early week. One is about Structured Analysis. The other is a continuation of the thing I did on types a couple of weeks ago. Back then I forgot/omitted generics, parameterized classes, collection classes, and other versions of that concept. Debating on how much explaining needs done vs just talking about them.

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      Taking the last few weeks off before the next 5 years of school and work

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      Enjoying one week before the semester starts and time begins to by again. I’ll try to read some interesting meta-learning papers and language modelling papers I’ve been meaning to get to, as well as Life, The Universe and Everything.

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      %HOME: Rewrote the HTTP writer and reader from scratch. I read through nodejs’ event loop aka. libuv. I plan to implement something similar in arew, but not exactly the same since it would not be idiomatic with Scheme. TIL: /dev/tty can be used asynchronously, which means I can haz a termbox-like library but async \o/

      %WORK: I am testing docker to spin up dev environments, so far so good, except I have to run elaticsearch, postgresql and redis manually every single time I start the container. I made progress toward django 2.2 python 3 support in our cms. Most of the bugs were not obvious but easy fixes. TIL: docker is like LXC but more portable. TIL: coverage run python manage.py --no-reload then coverage html is a great way to test coverage of end-to-end or manual testing.

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      My partner is back to work after a week of vacation where we discovered the new region where we live for a few weeks. I am back to brushing up my resume and begin to search for jobs in the Netherlands. Finding a car insurance for the car we are going to buy next week.

      I have time to work on my first contribution to an open-source project. Ain’t nothing big but you have to start somewhere. I hope I can push the request at the end of the week.

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      Finished an Angular Project about 1.5 weeks ago, so I’ve been looking for ideas on something cool to build. Hopefully, I’ll find something interesting this week and start working on it.

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      Rewriting a couple of older Ruby/Sinatra webapps in Go. I love writing Ruby, but it’s usually just a few days worth, followed by years of keeping things updated, fixing whatever breaks. One of the apps actually started as a Rails project running on 12.04, and the main logic hasn’t changed at all.

      On my spare time I’m riding forest trails and picking (and dehydrating!) blueberries and raspberries, trying not to worry about the morons that aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously. If this continues, we’re either in for a second lockdown, or sacrificing those who aren’t able to work from home.

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      Working on a full-stack feature at work. Finished the backend bits early today (well, really late Friday, but I’d have been terrified to deploy late Friday) and starting on the frontend bits today. It’s my first time working on an end-to-end feature within my org like this and it’s really cool having the opportunity to do so!

      I’ve been working on Stork’s input handling. The program (ultra-fast WASM search plugin for static sites) really only deals in plain text files right now, but I’m working on parsing different file types, starting with HTML, Markdown, and files with arbitrary Frontmatter blocks. I haven’t really touched Stork in a bit and it’s exciting to get back to it.

      I’m taking piano lessons again for the first time in almost 10 years. I’m working on getting better at reading sight music, which was always somehow a skill I managed to avoid learning. It’s much more exhausting to play piano for 30 minutes than I expected – definitely feels like I’m exercising a new muscle.

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      Moving into my new place, looking for a new gig.

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      Apply to a job at one of my favorite, if not the favorite, company I know. Content with my current job but that’s no reason to pass on this rare opportunity.

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      I have the week off, so trying to spend it away from computers. (As much as possible.) Just dismantled a rotten bench we had, saving one feature (a big carriage wheel) as decoration, and keeping the rest for firewood. The weather forecast says thunderstorms this week, so I’m probably going to spend some of the time indoors; transforming a walk-in cupboard we have into my new home office, to free up the bedroom that currently has that role.

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      Got some long-overdue work on varargs in constructors merged in the programming language I’m contributing to.

      Instead of needing helper methods like set(1, 2, 3), array(1, 2, 3), I can now define and invoke constructors with varargs directly: Set(1, 2, 3), Array(1, 2, 3) now.

      This cleaned up some special handling of the array constructor, which was used to create arrays of a certain size before. Instead I moved the “create array of length” operation to an “ordinary” helper method called “ofSizeUnsafe”.

      I’m now looking into reviving some old intrinsification of floating point sorting operations PR, which turned out to be harder than expected.

      After that, I hope the PR gets in that finally cuts down on the hardcoding of some annotations as modifiers – instead all annotations are now defined in in the standard library, as bog-standard source code.

      So if I wanted to read up on the exact rules of e. g. the @private annotation, I could simply navigate to the file private.dora, or search for “annotation private” and jump to it that way.

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      • work: Nothing, our company gave us this week to decompress from all the COVID crazyness and I am planning on taking a small trip to visit some family over in Las Palmas (Spain).

      • !work: I want to write one blog post that have been in my mind for some time, it will be about how we define SLOs for our logstash logging pipeline. I will continue working on my personal google analytics alternative, got a new beta tester over twitter last week and will be setting up and poloshing the installation instructions.

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      I’m going to be reinstalling OS on my daily driver.

      Can someone recommend something in the spirit of Fedora LXDE but more stable?

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        Ironically, I’ve found that Arch is more stable than Fedora in a number of meaningful ways. Package management is more reliable and performant. Despite the fact that you’d be using bleeding-edge packages, all the important stuff is well-tested and generally works without a hitch. When something does break, the fact that you installed everything yourself makes the process of debugging the issue much simpler. The biggest stability advantage is that there are no major updates every six months where all sorts of things can break. Just pacman -Syu once a week or so and nearly everything will work just fine.

        In my experience, XFCE is better supported and just as fast as LXDE for most purposes. I’ve really enjoyed using Sway as well, if you’d be interested in a tiling window manager. Of course, LXDE still works fine on Arch as well.

        Most of the Fedora advantages come from the easy installer and the included security stuff (SELinux preconfigured and executables compiled with hardening flags). Since I’m willing to dedicate a little time to the installation process in order to get a faster and more enjoyable system out of the deal, neither of those advantages make a huge difference for me.

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          I rely on that installer, as i know little about the internals… how can i still install arch?

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            The documentation is pretty good and there are plenty of people you could talk to on IRC and Discord if you needed help. If you wanted, you could do a practice install in a virtual machine too.

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      @work I’ve been working on a plugin that lets our sofware talk to S3, and I’m hoping to finish this week. Today I’m tying up some loose ends with the build and packaging, and should have a PR/review opened today or tomorrow.

      @home I’ll be playing outside. Hoping to go for a few runs, and get a few bike rides in. I’d like to go for a week long bike tour in September, so I’m starting to plan that.

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