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    yeah, let’s use a name that is already used by something else, what could go wrong?!

    1. 8

      Well no this is GVFS and that’s GVfs, that’s totally different! Nobody will ever ever be confused by this!

      1. 7

        I didn’t know MS suddenly went full force into case-sensitive file systems ;)

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          To be fair, we used to call it GVFS back when I worked on it…

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          Let’s not forget MS also named their MVC framework, very imaginatively…. MVC.

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            And their SQL server “SQL Server”. Microsoft has never been at the forefront of good product naming.

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              Actually, that’s a brilliant name because it makes people conflate the product with the genre.

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          I recognise this could be considered a duplicate of this submission (sorry calvin!) but have posted it regardless as I think the blog post is both interesting and adds more context. It’s not seemingly linked to from the repository itself.

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            Nothing wrong with merging it!