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Mozilla is exploring new logo and branding concepts. It’s kinda great, and they want our input! Even if they don’t want it, they’re probably going to get it!

So, let’s look at it and have fun. Some of them are kinda awesome, some of the them are going to set off the wingnuts, and some of them just look like goatse.


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    Unbelievably discouraging…

    None of these speak to me as what Mozilla should be about. They all seem as cookie-cutter and generic and aimless as Mozilla itself has seemed for the last few years.

    I added a comment to similar effect on the thread and included what principles I think should guide Mozilla and, from those principles, a relatively simple concept just as an example. I sincerely doubt anyone in the design team or executive of Mozilla will listen since the primary thrust of my comment was “let’s not rebrand till we know what we want to be about.”

    But, here’s hoping Mozilla finds its footing again and continues its old work of making the web a better place…

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      Would you mind either linking to or reproducing your comments here? I’d love to hear what principles you think should the logo should evoke.

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        Unfortunately, I navigated away from the page already and my comment is in the moderation queue. When the comment makes it through the queue, I will link to it here.

        Tl;dr: the three or four principles I would like to see Mozilla embrace as an organization are as follows (and none of the logos seem to really reflect these in my opinion):

        1. Freedom (Liberty)
        2. Inclusivity / Openness
        3. Community
        4. (Revolution)

        I expanded on these a little more in the post, and the very simple concept I proposed tried to mirror them as best I could (I am not a graphic designer).

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          The eye of sauron doesn’t just scream “freedom” to you?

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            Hi, fellow openness lover! Do you really believe that a change from closed society to an open one would not require a cultural revolution of sorts? Do not hesitate to use verbs when describing your values.

            “Mozilla will wield openness as a shield to protect you and your freedom.”

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            The comment just made it through moderation, but my images did not get attached. I have posted a new comment with links inlined.

            The links are here below as well for-reference:




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            None of these speak to me as what Mozilla should be about.

            Exactly, I came here for the fox rearing.

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            There are no duds in the mix.

            From my perspective most of them are actually quite bad!

            (g.) is way too busy.
            (f.) seems very cookie cutter.
            (e.) is also very busy and yet somehow comes across as bland at the same time.
            (c.) looks like some kind of robot face – which doesn’t make me think “mozilla” much at all. However, I really don’t like the combination of colors on this one.
            (a.) looks like something a government organization would use
            (b.) “feels” a bit messy, but that along with (d.) are probably the one I like the most, but that isn’t saying much.

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              My “favorite” is “Protocol,” but only if life was on the line in choosing it. Please consider scrapping, and starting from scratch.

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                Is it just me, or is the one with the eye in it the only one that’s remotely memorable? The others are very abstract and not “catchy” at all: each one is either far too abstract or far too generic to make a mark in anyone’s mind.

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                  Design Route A (The Eye) definitely looks more like some evil eye (Sauron?) than an eye that’s looking out and fighting for you. The colors are nice, though. Feeling best about Route B (The Connector) and Route C (The Open Button) at the moment.

                  Or maybe it’s just the colors of C…I’ve fallen in love with that bright saturated blue recently. Some of my favorite examples:




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                    I agree the blue is nice. I personally do not like it paired with the fuchsia (I think that is what it is) though.

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                    I honestly don’t understand Mozilla. I mean, they liberated a lot of people from IE in the Bad Old Days, and they employ a lot of smart people, and Rust sure seems interesting, but, given that they’re a creature of the attention economy (albeit at one remove), what exactly does Firefox offer than Chrome doesn’t?

                    I’d like to see someone pushing back on the unquestioned privacy sellout business model, but is Mozilla too compromised by their relationship with Big Ads to be that someone?

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                      what exactly does Firefox offer than Chrome doesn’t?

                      Another working browser that is not Chrome and is controlled by different people. That’s the whole point, as I see it.

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                        I suppose my point is, if they’re too susceptible to the same incentives as Google, then the benefit of a second source for a browser is limited.

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                          Google’s incentive is to make money through advertising. The primary purpose of Chrome is to ensure Google products work well and that Google Search stays the default. Mozilla is a non-profit.

                          EDIT: Also, Mozilla literally has people working on protecting people from tracking protection, and allows extensions like uBlock on its mobile browsers. The incentives are completely different.

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                            See, I would say it differently: Google’s goal is to make money through organizing the world’s information, and Mozilla’s is … something hazier but similarly noble, but both are shaped by the same incentive – that the only money to be made in providing browsers, for some reasonably secure definition of “only”, is by selling people to advertisers. So Mozilla washes this ugly business via a third party, and Google does it directly, but both organizations are responding to the incentives in place.

                            I honestly don’t know how to make things better. I would have hoped that there would be sufficient resources available to enable some less compromised organization than Google to model a different way forward, but I just don’t see Mozilla doing that.

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                      I commented my thoughts on each of the seven ideas, with suggestions for slight improvements to five of them. Interestingly, two of the logos (Connectors and Flik Flak) had the same problem of being too cluttered and hard to understand, but have the same solution of replacing it with one of the proposed simpler logo variants on their details page.