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Today is the 35th anniversary of the original document, printed the 25th of April of 1984 at 12:45 PDT by Chip Morningstar who was part of the Xanadu team at the time.

One month ago he found the only known remaining copy, a printout that he scanned and published.

I’ve made an HTML edition to make it easier to read, with additional features like internal links to term definitions.

This document complements the manual available at http://udanax.xanadu.com/green/index.html


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    I wanted to read this, but the document viewer attempts to improve scrolling functionality and makes it very difficult to use in the meantime :(

    Is there a PDF version or something?

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      Yes, it uses the scroll-snap CSS feature to make it easier to jump between chapters. You can disable it using the checkbox under the title, but it’s probably better to have it that way by default so I’ve changed it.

      Now it will work in single-column with plain vertical scrolling by default.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment!

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        Oh, cool :) That explains why it was multi-column too :D


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      The scroll snapping seems to work fine for me, but I should probably be specific about my setup:

      • Smooth scrolling disabled in firefox (jumps about)
      • Touchpad two-finger scroll (again not smooth, mouse wheel emuated).

      I suspect if you change one or the other of these things it might be harder to cope with.

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        Ah, yes, that’s my setup too. Hadn’t thought about that, thanks!