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(Obviously I can’t tag this ‘meta’ until everyone can see it)

To reduce the amount of meta-discussion on the front page while still allowing things to be discussed here, I’ve implemented default tag filters and set that bit for the meta tag.

When viewing the home page while not logged in, meta-tagged stories will be hidden. For new and existing users, meta is included in your list of tag filters. If you are interested in seeing meta discussion on your home page, just remove the filter. Otherwise you won’t see meta discussion unless you specifically visit /t/meta/.


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      Yeah I feel like a “by default now” means any new accounts made would be affected by this. I wasn’t expecting my account to have this hidden.

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        I agree that I don’t like my settings changing underneath me, but this seems like a one time change. I’d like some confirmation from jsc that changes like this won’t happen again unannounced.

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          It’s a creative way to see who is actually interested in seeing news about the site, not just regular news. The people really interested in the development of the site will need to act (click) to see the news. If the default action was to see it then it would also catch those too lazy to go hide it.

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            “The people really interested in the development of the site will need to act (click) to see the news.”

            This assumes people will know that meta is filtered by default. And that there even is a meta tag.

            Also, how will people know if meta posts are of interest to them if, by default, they are not exposed to them?

            With this change it seems that the default behavior is to discourage user participation in the growth and development of the site.

            The site is still young. Now is the time to show people why they should want to be involved, not put up barriers to participation.

            I just posted a meta item because I’ve been curious why I see an increase in the number of items submitted, and an increase in the average up-vote of new items, bu yet still see most items having zero comments. As I was posting it I realized, the very people I want to engage are not going to see it.

            Discouraging viewing of meta items seems an odd way to build a community.

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              I see your point, though I wouldn’t be surprised if this decision was made because every meta tag turns into a debate which may be off-putting to new members. The first negative comments were found in a meta about positive and negative commenting ironically. There is almost no idea for this site outside of the current implementation that everyone could possibly agree on so it inevitably turns into a comment war. How about we use a FAQ for information about the site, within the rules for content posting and behavior there could be instructions for meta involvement. This way, to even participate in feature requests you would be versed in the purpose and procedure of the site. Just an opinion.

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        (Obviously I can’t tag this ‘meta’ until everyone can see it)

        Damnit! You preempted my snark!

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          Click here to re-enable them.

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            I would love to see some stats on how many turned it back on again

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              Currently 92% of users have the meta tag still filtered.

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                How many of those have signed on since this announcement?

                (I turned meta back on.)

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                  I don’t know, I don’t track that information.