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      Anders Hejlsberg has an astonishing record in language design. He’s responsible for Delphi, C#, and TypeScript, all of which are languages that have large numbers of users who actually like the language. I don’t think anyone else has come close - creating one successful language is generally considered very impressive.

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      I adored Delphi, especially back in the Delphi 5 days – developing code for Windows at the time was grotesque, and Delphi made it actually delightful. Unfortunately, their sales/pricing strategy went crazy around the time they decided to refocus on ‘enterprise’ clients, the quality dropped, the focus went hazy.

      As a young developer I bought a Delphi license for $79, if I recall correctly.

      Today you can get Delphi for the low low price of just $1,183 for the first year.