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So my take on how to make chorded typing more practical. Show cheatsheet on HUD highlighting chords. Court stenographers report speeds of above 200 wpm.

Next step is to do this in hardware and tie in other sets. Perhaps commands in a UNIX shell or an IDE can be implemented like this.

Feedback appriciated the harsher and nit-pickier the better!

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      Thank you!

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      I really like this concept, and nice job on the initial implementation! Now I want some bluetooth-enabled chorded keyboard hardware!

      A couple comments: I find the thumb button being drawn inline with the others confusing. I think it would be more clear if the visual layout matched actual layout.

      Also, the prediction is not very prominent. I’m not sure how best to improve that, though.

      Finally, for me, it would probably be more clear if the letters were laid out as a QWERTY keyboard. I’m so used to looking at one on touchscreens, that it would be easier to find the letter I want next.

      Keep up the good work!

      P.S. your “Become a Patron” buttons/links are not actually links.

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        I did have it thoughts on displaying the thumb as subscript, i.e. a bit further down. But forgot thank you for remembeting.

        The prediction is a 5-gram PPM on a single wikipedia article. So simply giving it more data would go a long way.

        Good suggestion about presenting it as a QWERTY keyboard. Now it’s done as a recursive z - map. Meant to be a space filling curve. So that numbers and close letters become close in 2d.

        thanks for the feedback and the info on the links


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          On prediction, I was commenting specifically on how the predicted letters don’t stand out much. You might consider giving more of a color/brightness contrast, instead of size. And maybe just a few letters should have significant contrast, instead of it being a somewhat linear highlighting distribution.

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            Yes, I’m not entirely happy with them either. Lets’ see what In can do.

            Yeah only like 20 % should be more visible or so.

            My earlier experiments got much better results in this aspect

            sigma.eruditenow.com tree-board in particular

            Fun fact: one experiment on this made it possible to type chinese in the game setting at 20 wpm or so (that is 3000 symbols) so it is a very powerfull approach

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              But you see that the colors change right? The original color and white doesn’t have that big a distance between them.

              Got better results with my sigma.eruditenow.com experiment tree board in particular.


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                Yeah, there’s just not that much of a contrast.

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                  will take into account for next experiment. Subscribe to http://tbf-rnd.life/feed to stay up to date